Learn how to instinctively use food to heal and optimize the body and mind.


Why am i so tired?

Our bodies are amazing entities. They are designed to provide the energy we need to create, live and celebrate.

Today, a majority of the world’s population has lost touch with their bodies. The new normal is pushing through constant fatigue. Why? Because the body’s immune system is working 24/7 to fight off the toxins and foreign invaders we constantly feed it. Sugar and carbs make up 74% of packaged food sold in grocery aisles.

While modern agriculture can feed the nearly 7.5 billion people on this earth, it is with foods that are not designed with the human body in mind. Of the top 10 leading causes of death, eight of them are health related.

Get Back in Touch with Your Body

Nourish is about healing a malnourished world and teaching everyone in it to listen to our body’s integral and instinctive intelligence. We want to shift your perspective on food and to help you understand the nutritional value without giving up food, taste, and quality of life.

With Nourish, learn how to stop eating so automatically and unlock untapped energy reserves.

We want to create a world in which people are in touch with their bodies with proper nutrition. Together, we can empower victims of convenience with the ability to actively choose and prepare foods that heal and energize.

With Nourish, learn how to stop eating so automatically and unlock untapped energy reserves.

“What I discovered was that I was not fat. I was malnourished. When I healed and nourished my body, I was able to let go of the extra body fat, my energy increased, my sleep got deeper, and my mind sharpened. Now, it is my greatest passion to help everyone  heal and nourish their bodies.”

Rosalie Vilar
chief medical officer


Rosalie Vilar has stood in the crossroads of Western and Eastern medicine throughout her life. She holds a masters degrees in nursing and gerontological, and is a family nurse practitioner.

Rosalie is also a practitioner of Chinese and Ayurveda medicine methods.

Serving more than 30 years as a Nurse Practitioner, Vice President of Quality of Management, and a Commander-in-Chief in the US Army Reserves, Rosalie combines her modern medicine expertise with natural healing methods. She now educates clients on the power of food to improve health and heal disease.


Jay Vilar
Founder and Practitioner

The areas of health optimization, proper nutrition, and human potential have always been a passion for Jay. Founding Nourish was the combination of those 3 passions. 

Jay has always been on the forefront of using optimal health techniques, and bio-hacking his nutrition to achieve remarkable results in his career. He has achieved top accolades in his career, set record sales numbers and brought in multiple 6-figure deals. Jay attributes his success to principles he learned studying health, nutrition, and business principles on increasing your energy, sharpening your mind, being a more productive human being. 

He continued his studies in nutrition with the Nutritional Therapy Association, where he became board certified as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner.  He now spends his time teaching people how to use food to heal their body and speaks to businesses on how to optimize focus & productivity using nutritional and behavioral science.