Our Signature Program: Food as Medicine

One of the biggest reasons why most people are unable to reclaim their health is due to lack of education. In modern medicine, which is 100 years old, we are trained to treat the symptoms and manage pain. In my nursing training and in eastern medicine training, which is over 5,000 years old, we are taught to treat the whole being and lifestyle. I have a unique perspective that helps me understand why modern medical recommendations were prescribed and to offer alternative recommendations deeply rooted on how to heal the body. My approach to healing is to educate my clients so they have all the necessary information to choose the right actions for their health concerns.  – Rosalie Vilar

When patients receive ‘not-so-good news’ from their physician, they can feel lost, fearful, and scared about what to do. They don’t fully understand what their diagnosis means and which alternative treatments can help them heal.  Some patients have the experience of only  spending 10 minutes with their physician who are in a busy practice and don’t have the time to explain the details.  The standard protocol is to receive a prescription medication as treatment without any knowledge of any of the health consequences and possible side effects. Many patients are not given any guidance to proper nutrition and lifestyle; they are left to their own devices to figure it out themselves.

 This can be extremely frustrating for someone that doesn’t want to rely on a lifetime of medications and is interested in using more alternative and natural methods to manage their health.

Our Food as Medicine Program helps you get educated and take charge of your health in 6 ways.

  1. Learn and understand your diagnosis
  2. Clarify the meaning of blood work numbers
  3. Learn about proper nutrition
  4. Receive education on upgrading your lifestyle
  5. Puts a health plan in place for specific health goals
  6. Listen to your body’s needs

It’s a comprehensive program to help you learn how to take control over your own health.

 Who is this program for? A person who:

  • Is concerned about a certain diagnosis (Pre-diabetic / Diabetic / Cardiac Abnormality / Stage 1 Cancer)
  • Wants to take charge of their health
  • Needs help customizing a personalized health plan
  • Wants to live their life without having to take medications
  • Wants to be preventative with their healthcare
  • Is eager to learn alternatives and natural ways of healing
  • Willing to do the required work to reclaim your health
  • Ready to put their health as a priority

How does it work? After you are accepted into the program:

 Week # 1:

  • Initial Intake
  • Blood Work Submitted 
  • Completion of Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Food Journal

 Weeks # 2 – 4:

  • Blood Work and Nutritional Assessment Analysis Call
  • Short-Term Goal Plan Recommendations
  • Short-Term Goal Action Plan  

 Weeks # 4 - 7:

  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Goal Tracking
  • Long-Term Goal Plan recommendations
  • Longer-Term Action Plan

 Week # 8

  • Follow-up Completion Tracking Call
  • Additional Health Recommendations Made.


 6 Common Benefits:

  1. Peace of Mind: Confidence in being in control of your own health
  2. New Knowledge:  A new level of understanding on being in touch with your body
  3. Increased Energy: Discover new reserves of energy
  4. Weight and Fat Loss: The ‘side effect’ of this program 
  5. Overall Well-being: A feeling of vitality and vigor
  6. A new community: Access to a private Facebook group to share success stories, encouragement, and inspiration.

 Cost: $650 / Month

Client Approval Process:

 We are very particular about the clients we accept into this program. Due to capacity, quality control, and the amount of personalized attention, we only accept up to 10 clients at any given time. Bottom line is this: we only work with those who are ready to change their lifestyle and embrace the concept of using food as medicine and medicine as food. We don’t want to waste your money and our time. If you are interested in signing up for this program, you will need to be pre-qualified with an initial 15 minute interview to determine if this program is right for you and if you are right for this program. Please read full disclaimer.


Apply For The Program: 

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