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Corporate Wellness Programs in Washington, DC and Boston, MA.

A preview of our corporate wellness program that teaches leaders how to influence their environment and nutrition to increase their focus and productivity. 

Nourish Your Business provides a Performance Enhancement Nutritional Program to help strengthen your company. We use the latest in bio-hacking performance & nutrition science designed to improve overall health, productivity, energy and morale. During interactive workshops, employees learn ways to improve their bodies, increase their energy, and sharpen their minds.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Workshop: How To Bio-Hack Your Nutrition To Increase Your Productivity & Performance

Now more than ever, it's important to be a strong, energetic, inspiring, and positive leader for your growth and company’s development. The first place to start? Your body’s physiology. This session shows you how to positively impact your physiology for optimal physical and mental performance.

At the end of the educational activity participants will learn: 

  • How our environmental and nutritional data points can negatively affect your behavior, making it difficult to manage stress.

  • How to positively influence our 3 most powerful organs (brain, head, gut).

  • Which foods get us into a state of high productivity & which foods take us out.

  • What high performers do to achieve massive results.

  • Three simple techniques you can do to increase your focus.

Intended Audience: Corporate Executives, Emerging Leaders, Performance Focused Teams 

Workshop Length: 1 - 2 hours

Note: The research presented in this workshop is scheduled to be published in the Health, Wellness, & Society Research Network peer-reviewed scientific journal and presented in at their Seventh International Conference. 

If your company is in the greater Washington D.C. and Boston, MA area and you believe that your business would benefit from the Nourish Your Business corporate wellness program, please contact us below. Someone on our team will respond within 24 hours

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