Nourish Your Business                                   

Corporate Wellness Programs in Washington, DC and Boston, MA.

A preview of one a corporate wellness program that teaches leaders how to influence their environment and nutrition to increase their focus and productivity.

Nourish provides corporate wellness programs to help strengthen the wellness of your company and improve employee’s health knowledge. 

During interactive workshops, employees learn ways to improve their health, increase their energy, and sharpen their minds. Our programs are designed to present an informative, practical path to achieving optimal health. Seminars are typically one-hour in duration, available on-site, and conducted by qualified professionals that specialize in specific subject matter. 

Corporate Wellness Programs

Disease Prevention Topics:

  • How Your Diet Can Prevent and Reverse Diabetes 

  • Disease Prevention From The Inside Out 

  • Busting Inflammation: The Source Of Disease 

  • Interpreting Your Bodies Signs and Symptoms

Nutrition Education Topics:

  • How to Eat for Optimal Health 

  • Your Diet Is The Path To Your Happiness and Potential 

  • Eat This, Not That: How To Become a Modern Day Hunter & Gatherer 

  • Proper Goal Setting & Reaching Health Milestones 

  • Immunity Boosters: Beat Cold & The Flu Naturally 

  • How To Bio-Hack Your Nutrition To Increase Your Productivity & Performance 

Program Cost: $750 per course with unlimited participants.

If your company is in the greater Washington D.C. and Boston, MA area and you believe that your business would benefit from the Nourish Your Business corporate wellness program, please contact us below. Someone on our team will respond within 24 hours

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