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Rhonda F.

Jay taught me that I didn't know what I didn't know! 

After our sessions, I have become a person I never thought I would become: I pay close attention to what's in the foods I eat, I eat less processed foods, avoid bottled smoothies (which used to be staples), have dramatically reduced my sugar intake, and increased my water intake! The results: I'm shedding weight I've put on over the last four years, I'm energized and exercise more, and I'm working on improving my sleep!

 Jay taught this old dog a bunch of new tricks!

Jay Vilar Nutritionist In Washington, DC and Boston, MA

Linda Erickson

I worked with Jay Vilar as my personal nutritionist and he was outstanding. His process is comprehensive, insightful and gave me new distinctions on how, what, when, where and why of eating to truly nourish my body. His coaching skills are delivered in a way where they have become a part of my lifestyle, not having to read manuals or count calories but eating to live, not living to eat. The bonus: lost 13#.

Brad Weaber

My health prior to meeting with Jay was one of borderline high blood pressure, dehydration, fatigue, high rested pulse and some digestive issues.  I have learned so much!  First of all, what I have appreciated most about working with Jay is that this is not a “fad” diet or weight loss scheme but understanding that the right foods can heal your body.  My primary concern was that there would not be “tasty” varieties and that I ultimately would become bored with my cooking and eating.  The exact opposite has happened…I have opened up my taste buds, my smell and my overall eating experience to absolutely delicious, tasty healthy foods.  As a result of working with Jay I am no longer experiencing spikes in blood pressure, I am more rested, feel more productive during the day and sleeping sound at night.  My overall mood and general demeanor is much better as well!  I am also enjoying the natural byproduct of the changes I have made…weight loss!


Sugar was my weakness! Anytime I saw a plate of cookies, cakes, ice cream (name your poison!), I felt a compulsion to eat what was in front of me. I experienced sugar cravings almost daily. After working with Jay my sugar cravings plummeted. I truly did not feel triggered when walking past sugary foods that were freely available to me. I'm challenging myself to continue in this journey because I truly felt at my best after working with Jay. I have a deeper understanding of how I can be the best advocate for healing myself through food. I am so appreciate to Jay for his insights, encouragement, and knowledge sharing!


Pamela Moyer

I was feeling fatigued, bloated, and low in energy. I didn't feel like I was eating well and my digestion was poor. 

I learned so much from Jay! He knows so much and he customizes the program according to what each person needs rather than a "one size fits all" approach. I know because I spoke with a few of his other clients. I've learned some healthier food options and substitutes for things I was eating but weren't good for me. I don't have to give up delicious food! In fact, I now have some new recipes under my belt! Yay! I really appreciated the support, encouragement and the wealth of knowledge that Jay has to offer. He is really generous with his time and knowledge. 

I'm feeling happier now and like I'm armed with better knowledge about food choices. I feel like I have more control now over my life and eating now that I know how food and digestion works! Wonderful! I'm going to do my best to keep this up. All the recommendations are reasonable and do-able, so I think this can be a lifestyle change for me and for the better!

John Haskins

I would refer Jay & Rosalie because I believe in their approach to medicine. Everything they say is verifiable. They give from their heart and soul. I am (was) diabetic. After 3 months in their care my endocrinologist was completely amazed at how my numbers of my A1C had improved. What I did not tell him was that it was the food & lifestyle improvements, not the medications.

I lost 30 pounds over a year and it has stayed off. Sometimes friends look at me strangely but they all agree how much better I look and this is compounded by how much better I feel.

Diane Haskins

I recommend Jay & Rosalie without question and will continue to do so.  I have learned so much from them. They both have immense knowledge of healing remedies and all things health-food-related.  Both are so giving of themselves and never hesitate to offer and provide help and health advice at any time of the day or night --whenever asked.

I needed their help for aches and pains of osteoarthritis and detoxing with her salt water cleanses. They made the process fun even when it is far from that.  They take the time to explain the process and the health benefits of removing toxins from your body.  Each health suggestion is followed by the reasons why the body requires that food or combination of foods and the method of preparation. My knee pain has gone almost completely and I have even started my gym regimen again after many years of pain struggle.

I just love you guys!


Ryland Greenhouse

Before Jay educated me, my health was average. I ate relatively healthy 4 days/week but would drink 2-3 IPA's a night, and couldn't figure out why I felt bloated all the time. I didn't see food as nutritious fuel, but as stuff that makes me not hungry.  Jay educated me on the physical effects that nutrition has on my body. It's not "eat this because it's healthy for you", it's "eat this because it will have this effect on your body and your mind." He opened up my eyes to the benefits of nutritious food, why you should eat certain foods, how much you should eat and how to properly prepare them for maximum benefit. 

After I completely cut out sugar, lowered my carb intake to under 20g per day and removed beer from my diet (and made it through the keto-flu), the results were unreal. Fat, literally, fell off of my body. I lost 25lbs in 3 months (now sitting at healthy 210lbs). My lower back pain has vanished, my focus increased and the right foods started to taste better. 

Two things that I did not expect: 1) The ridiculous boost in sustained energy: from the moment I wake up, I have a high level of uninterrupted energy until my body tells  me its's time to sleep. 2) My body tells me what type of fuel it needs. I crave certain foods like lettuce, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cheese and I don't crave crappy food anymore! 

Since being educated my energy and stamina has increased significantly (I can run 7 miles without losing my breath or getting tired) and I view food completely different. I see it as fuel for my body and I only eat when I'm hungry (instead of eating because it's "meal time"). When I do treat myself to something with sugar or carbs, I can actually feel my body struggle to process the food -- after one or two bites, my body tells me I don't need it. My tongue can't handle full dessert portions anymore!  

My biggest advice to anyone that wants to make this change to their life: You need to fully commit mentally -- as in you need to make a shift in your brain. There can be no cheat days in the first 3 months. There can be no "I've been doing good so I'll have just one (oreo/beer/pizza/cake/)". In order to reap the full benefits of what Jay can help you do with your lift, you need to commit to making a shift in your eating lifestyle. This has not just been a fad diet for me, this is a change in what I put into my body, forever.