3 Free Ways To Detoxify Your Body

According to Scorecard, the web's most popular resource for information about pollution problems and toxic chemicals, over 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released by the chemical industry into the nation's environment each year, including 72 million pounds of recognized carcinogens.

A toxin is basically any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body. Toxins come from external sources such as air pollution, and internal sources such as cellular wasters. Toxicity can occur from the side effects of drugs, or from patterns of physiology that are different from our usual functioning.

Most drugs, food additives, and allergens can create toxic elements in the body.

A normal functioning body is able to handle certain levels of toxins. The concern is with excess intake of toxins, and a reduction in the process in our ability for elimination. There are many things we can do to help our body release toxins in our system. When our body eliminates much of its toxic buildup, we feel lighter and are able to truly experience the moment, allowing ourselves to be open for the future.

Here are 3 simple and free ways to help your body detoxify naturally:

1.  Drink More Water To Detoxify Through The Kidneys:

Toxins that are properly bound and ready for elimination exit the body through  feces or through the kidneys as urine. The primary role of the kidneys is to filter the blood to remove cellular wastes such as some water and bile pigments.

Action:  Drink ½ your body weight in water.

2.  Sweat More To Detoxify Through The Skin:

The sweat glands of the skin act like a second kidney and are one of the body’s avenues of elimination. The surface area of the skin of an average adult female/male covers 16-21 square feet, making sweat therapy a very effective way to remove toxins from the body.

Action:  20 minutes of high intensity training or 20 minutes in a sauna.

3.  Breathe More To Detoxify Through the Lungs:

The lungs eliminate a variety of waste products, particularly carbon dioxide. Respiratory rate is a major mechanism of pH control.

Action:  For 10 minutes, breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, breathe out through your mouth for 6 seconds.