Healing Story: Bugger I Have Cancer

What problem(s) were you facing? Bowel cancer

What did you discover that started to help? Change of lifestyle starting with my diet. I have changed to a vegan / plant based diet.

What happened to you after you started these new actions? But I have done a lot of research since being diagnosed and also take Vitamin D3 (3000 IU a day), Curcumin capsules (vegan), Vitamin B12 and Cartia. I was diagnosed in 2012 and have my last visit to my specialist in 9 months and, fingers crossed, I will be given a clearance.

What wisdom do you want to share for people with similar problems? Diet is vital. Plant based, no processed foods they contain trans fats, aspartame and the list goes on. No red meat, sugary drinks. I walk daily and at 65 I have the ability to walk 10 kilometers which I do once a week.

Anything else you wanted to share?  Please research what you are putting into your bodies, food is our medicine.

By: Victoria Alyce