Healing Story: From Shaky to Strong

What problem(s) were you facing and how did it make you feel? I was a fitness professional that would start to get shaky mid-workout. It wasn't because I couldn't handle my free weights. It's because I would feel a sudden drop in my blood sugar and start to sweat and shake (which was not part of the work out)! I'd grab a power bar, ingesting it between exercises, and continue teaching my cardio class.

It became clear to me that I simply could not go too long between meals or snacks. I thought I was just one of those people who needed to eat frequently, "grazing" throughout the day. I supposed I was hypoglycemic, but I didn't know why. I never gave a lot of thought to what I ate exactly, though I tried to avoid sugar. My approach to nutrition revolved primarily around the "calories-in, calories-out" philosophy. I figured people could eat anything they wanted as long as they worked it off.

What did you discover that started to help? A dear friend of mine, Lisa, began struggling with chronic fatigue and conventional medicine had no answers for her. Lisa then turned to nutrition. She tried a variety of diets (macrobiotic, vegetarian, etc.) but none gave her relief. But one day, she ran into Sally Fallon Morell, the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, at a health fair and Lisa thought she was the healthiest person she had ever seen. Sally was glowing with vitality. Lisa then began eating according to the Wise Traditions diet: whole, real foods that were organic and traditionally prepared.
When Lisa began seeing improvement, it gave me pause and I started revisiting what I considered a "healthy" diet. I began introducing whole real foods and swapping out processed food substitutes. I chose butter over margarine, whole raw milk over 2% pasteurized milk, etc.

What happened to you after you started these new actions? / How did you feel after these actions? This diet changed my life. Meals made of real, wholesome, nourishing ingredients satisfied and strengthened me in a way that the "power bars" and pseudo-foods could not. I no longer felt the huge blood sugar drops during my work out. More importantly, I began to feel more grounded, less anxious and flighty. 

I gradually transitioned my whole family to the Wise Traditions diet and we all are the better for it. We eat a variety of meats, fermented foods, vegetables, and sourdough breads. We enjoy the variety and the satisfied, grounded way we feel as we eat this way. My children do not get as sick as their friends do. We are all enjoying the benefits of good health that comes from true nutrition.

What wisdom do you want to share for people with similar problems? Examine your moods and attitudes toward life and toward your body. If you find yourself thinking "My job depresses me" or "I'm hangry right now," think about what you're putting into your body and how this may be affecting the whole of you. There is more of a connection between our fuel and how we feel than we may realize.

If the idea of transitioning from conventional, processed foods to a more whole, real food diet overwhelms you, don't do it all at once. Personally, I changed one thing a year. Seriously! One year was the year of butter. The next was "drop the chips."

Switching gradually is still effective and so very freeing in the end!

Anything else you wanted to share? I am such a fan of Wise Traditions that I became a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation a couple of years ago. I also launched a podcast in January 2016 to help get the word out about the healing power of nutrient-dense foods and an organic, natural lifestyle! Check out the show---Wise Traditions---anywhere you get your podcasts (iTunes, Sticher, etc.)!

By: Hilda Labrada Gore