How I Battled Crohn's Disease

What problem(s) were you facing and how did it make you feel? Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease during college. Felt scared and helpless for doctors wanted to treat it with expensive and dangerous drugs indefinitely. Was lead to believe that Crohn's is incurable, something to suffer thru until death do us part.

What did you discover that started to help? Weston A. Price's book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" clearly displays optimal health is achieved thru diet. There is no stronger source of evidence and his work can no longer be reproduced.

Weston A. Price a dentist turned nutritionist from the early 1900's. He analyzed the diets of healthy primitive peoples secluded from modern foods. This work can no longer be produced because isolated primitives no longer exist. When we say healthy we mean these cultures did not have words for disease, stillbirths, miscarriages, mental issues, etc... these conditions were unknown to them. Everyone in these primitive cultures had perfectly straight and cavity free teeth, no brushing or flossing required. 

Imagine a world where this book is mandatory reading in high schools. 

The point of no return for me was in the chapter about the Aztec South American Indians Dr. Price visited. The Aztecs buried their dead by placing their skulls in underground tombs which contained thousands of skulls. Dr. Price went thru a few of them and found that all of them had straight teeth with almost no cavity history. This is when I flushed my meds and fired my doctor.

What happened to you after you started these new actions? / How did you feel after these actions? Immediately felt better being off drugs and eating nourishing foods. A lot of minor health issues such as acne went away and overall felt better with more energy. Crohn's symptoms were greatly reduced.

What wisdom do you want to share for people with similar problems? Read these three books:
- Dr. Weston A. Price: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
- Dr. Pottenger: Pottenger's Cats
- Dr. Edward Howell's: Enzyme Nutrition

Fire your doctor and find a holistic doctor.
Find a nutritionist who has read these books and faced an issue similar to your own.

What is the lesson in your story? When faced with a health issue look to mother nature for the solution. Ask yourself how does nature protect itself from your particular issue.

By: Michael Merrill