The Religion Of Food

My philosophy of any food & eating habits is similar to my thoughts on religion: do what works for you as long as you're not hurting anyone else. Whenever I share my eating habits on what I eat, what I avoid and the results I've obtained, I typically get one of three reactions. First, the defensive reactions: "oh I really don't eat a lot of sugar and carbs." Second, the comparison reactions: "I could never do that" or "this is what I'm doing." And third, the inspiration reaction, "how do I do what you do?"  

I'm not looking to convert anyone; simply sharing my life and my results. Food is a very sensitive issue with which everyone has a personal and intimate relationship whether they know it or not. My philosophy is if the relationship is working for you, fantastic, keep doing that! If it's not, than you need to find out what does. It took me years to discover this way of living and I was in the right place and time in my life to try it and adopt it into my lifestyle. If this way of eating works for me, it might be right for you; however, that will be your decision to make. I hope you find what works for you because that's all we can really ask.