Why I find nutrition fascinating…

First let’s define nutrition. Nutrition is a science that focuses on the interaction between living organisms & their food, and how consuming that food gives the body the nutrients it needs to live.

Now let’s define nutrients. Nutrients are the chemical substances contained in food that sustain our lives, it gives us our energy, body structure, and processes our body’s function.  Without food we could not live, if the civilization fell tomorrow, the first thing we would do is find food in order to survive.

What’s fascinates me about all of this is that specific foods have specific nutrients designed to keep us alive and healthy. We were designed to eat a wide array of food for our evolutionary growth & development as species. We can’t anything & everything in nature, it’s only certain plants (4,000 discovered edible plant species) that evolved to have the proper nutrients to keep up alive. In those discover of plants in which we call them vegetables, fruits, and herbs we cultivated, farmed, and raised them for our survival. It’s those vegetables that contain the building blocks for the rest of the essential nutrients we need in our diets, fats, amino acids (proteins), vitamins, and minerals. When animals eat those plants they convert them into the amino acids, fats, and vitamins we need in our protein. In short, without plants we could not exist, and if they are every go away, so will we. 

When we are in touch with this fact we come to a new level of respect for where our food comes from, and how to use this information to improve our own lives and the lives of the plants.  When learn about nutrition and the life providing plants & animals that have the critical vitamins & minerals our bodies needs, we start to use that information to heal and improve upon our health. Vitamins and minerals make up 5 % of our bodies composition, and without every single one of the 15 vitamins and 103 minerals out there our bodies cannot perform to its optimal capabilities.   

What interesting about the human body is that it doesn’t to all the vitamins & minerals available in plants & animals to live, our bodies will adapt (with consequences) to a diet devoid of missing vitamins & minerals. That devoid is called being malnourished which leads to sickness, disease, and eventually death.  So many of us (myself included) are malnourished and we don’t even know it. We take our lack of energy & vitality as our new normal, when life/real food is designed to give you the clarity, focus, mental stamina, and physical strengths to kick ass.

When we start to learn about nutrition we can create a diet plan that’s right for our bodies needs and start using food for the healing and optimal factors it has available for our lives.