How The Body Reads and Misreads Food

Read this sentence;  “newh eth nhuma bydo sha eht ghtri fta ti sssepro tis a gyene.”

 You can’t. The way the letters are jumbled you can’t make out the word, which means you can’t understand what I was trying to communicate.

 Our bodies read information from food, process that information, and use that information to create the energy we use in our everyday lives.  Our body needs air to stay alive, we breath air in the form of oxygen to stay alive. Our bodies does this exchange automatically. Our bodies need hydration, so we drink water in the form of H2O, our bodies takes on those chemical compounds, the chemical reaction occurs in our body to turn that water into hydration for our cells, organs, muscles, etc. Our body needs fuel and the most concentrated form of that fuel is fat. Fats are the most efficient form of energy the body can use, and similar to air and water our bodies know how to properly process fats, take the chemical information from that fat and turn it into energy.

 When we talk about fats we need to distinguish the different kinds of fats. There are saturated fats, monounstaturted fat, and polyunstraturated fats.

What distinguishes one from another is their chemical make-up and bond structure between carbon and hydrogen. Similar to how we distinguish h2O with water, we distinguish the chemical make-up for fats from the amount of bonds betwen carbon and hyrodrogen. The reason why we need to distinguish them is because different chemical compounds do different things to the body, ie each chemical compound have different messages/information for the body. When we eat fats found in nature that are not highly chemically processed, i.e. butter, coconut oil, olive oil, wild caught salmon, nuts, seeds, etc. Our body knows what to with that information. It takes that chemical reaction and turns it into energy. However, when we take a fat and add hydrogen aka transfat, it changes the chemical compound of the fat. So what was once, “use this fat for energy”, turned into, “ues tish for eenyrg” The letters are still there but the words don’t make sense. The body thought it was getting information but doesn’t know what to do with it. That happens when we take on rancid and processed fats. Our body thinks it is energy because it’s close to what we want, but the body doesn’t know how to process it and misunderstands the information.

The next time you think about what’s happening in your body when you eat rancid & processed fats think about the information you are giving your body. Will this information be used to optimize my health or will it confuse it towards poor health. In the end I hope you realize that, "when the human body has the right fat it processes it as energy.”