Why Time & Money Is NOT the Reason You're Not Losing Weight

There are plenty of blogs, books, videos, podcasts that dispel the myth that eating nourishing foods can be time saving and cost effective. The REAL reason people can't lose weight is education.

Our bodies are amazing organisms designed to withstand the hottest heat and the coldest winds.

We are highly adaptable creatures capable of going long times without food, and living in some of the most challenging conditions. Our resilience to such extremes are some the reasons we are the dominant species on this plant. We are born with an innate intelligence to heal ourselves, we do not have to command our immune system to fight off infection and bring our bodies back to health. The problem is that our bodies can only take so much before it breaks. When we onslaught our immune with too many toxins, we get tired, lack energy, get sick, and disease occurs. These toxins are all found in our modern food supply.

Telling you that processed foods, foods of convenience, and excess sugar are killing us isn’t anything new.

Most people agree that there is too much processed foods, but will rarely make any significant changes for 2 reasons.

1. Money. i.e. “It’s too expensive too eat health!”

2. Time. i.e. “I don’t have the time to cook.”

There are plenty of blogs, books, videos, podcasts that dispel this myth of eating nourishing foods and how you can save time & money adapting this way. The REAL reason is lack of education. Change takes time to adapted. When we adapt new knowledge it changes us from inside out, we see the world differently, we make better choices, and that compounds into all areas of our lives.

There are many voices out there that educate on the how to live a healthy nourishing lifestyle. I’m simply one of them. My message focuses understanding the science of our bodies and how our bodies interacts with certain nutrients to perform healing and optimizing functions for our lives. I continue to be fascinated by how our bodies use food to heal disease, energize our lives, and enhance performance. My mission is to share that message with whoever resonates with that voice, and gets value from it. If my message isn’t for you, I encourage you to seek someone who does. There are a lot of people doing this work, and if you feel the calling to ask for help, someone will be there to help you.

Another magical thing about being human is our innate desire to be of value and service to others in our community. When we start healing our bodies we find ourselves with more energy to live our lives. We can use that new energy for so many things, be a better partner, friend, colleague, etc. My vision is that part of that energy is also used to help others heal themselves, and release more of that energy in others. That’s a pretty cool way to heal yourself and heal the world.