Is your break room food causing you to have an allergic reaction?

And I’m not even talking nuts…The 6 Step Process on How To Know.

 What is the best to get rid of food? Leave it in the office break room and ‘magically’ it disappears. When coworkers don’t want to waste food they put in the share kitchen space and it up for grabs. However how do you know if your co-workers discarded leftover isn’t causing you to have an allergic reaction? Nuts are a common allergen. However many of us could be allergic to eggs, gluten, milk, cayenne pepper, and food additives and we don’t even realize it. A reaction to a food allergy can come in all shapes, sizes, and symptoms, from hives to heartburn and irritability to indigestion.  If you think you are allergic to a certain food there is an easy way to find out and you can do it right in your office or home.

 Founded by Dr. Arthur Cocoa he discovered a simple, yet extremely effective way to identify foods to which a client may be allergic, intolerant, or sensitive. Quite simply, stress will cause the pulse to increase. Foods to which you are intolerant are stressful and will reveal themselves by speeding up your pulse.

 How to administer the test:

 Step 1: Sit-down & relax

Step 2: Take a full one minute pulse

Step 3: Put a sample of the suspected food in your mouth (do not swallow) and stand up.

Step 4: Wait 15-30 seconds

Step 5: Re-take a full one-minute pulse with the food still in your mouth. 

Step 6: Discard the tested food and compare the results

If the pulse increases by more than 6 points you might have an allergic reaction. The more it goes up, the more significant the problem.

 If you discover any food sensitivity consider going on an elimination diet of that suspected food for a month and/or speak with a nutritional expert to develop a customized plan.  So the next time you get an all-staff email saying “Food Up for Grabs’ you’ll know what to avoid and which to indulge.