Are You a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner?

Our metabolisms are designed primarily to be fueled by fat. Fat burning, using fat for energy, is the normal and preferred metabolic state of the human body. However, due to the overconsumption of highly processed and sugary food, we have switched into using glucose for our energy and have become sugar burners. There is a big difference in how we feel when we burn sugar for fuel verse burning fat for fuel.

Here are the 5 ways to tell if you are a sugar burner or a fat burner:

Sugar Burning Metabolizers:

  1. Still hungry after a meal
  2. Constantly feel hunger
  3. If you skip a meal you get “hangry”
  4. Crave carbohydrates / sweets
  5. Find it difficult in burning fat for weight loss

Fat Burning Metabolizers:

  1. Have plenty of energy on hand
  2. Can skip a meal without feeling hungry
  3. Do not get weird food cravings
  4. Easily lose body fat
  5. Can workout longer without feeling the “bonk”

5 tips to get your body into a fat burning state:

  1. Avoid all processed or packaged foods
  2. Eat a small amount of raw soaked nuts or nut butter combined with some raw veggies in between meals  to stabilize your energy.
  3. Eat organic foods to avoid excess toxins.   
  4. Eat only whole foods found in nature especially anything green. 
  5. Include some raw vegetables every day.