3 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before I Quit My Job and Turned My Passion Into A Business

When we don’t like our jobs, dread our commute, and dislike our co-workers, it’s easy to fantasy about an alternative life. Before taking that leap there is a lot to consider. For all you aspiring entrepreneurs these are the 3 lessons I wish I knew before turning my passion into my business.

 Lesson #1: Your friends job is to be your friend, not be the only people you sell & market to.

 Our friends job is to listen to our ideas, share thoughts, lend support, and give encouragement. There will be occasions when skilled friends offer their talents to help, and for those people be entirely grateful. If you become that person who pesters everyone to buy, you’ll quickly cash in all your relationship capital. Remember the value of a friendship is greater than the value of your product or service.

 Lesson # 2: Having a passion is easy…running a business is hard.

 If I could spend 99% of my time teaching, educating, and inspiring people the value of how food can heal and optimize their health I’d be in hog heaven. (Organic, sustainably raised and humanely treated hog heaven of course)

 However that’s not how it works. When we start out, we have marketing campaigns to implement, blog posts to write, clients to service, and the 100 + other duties to do. It’s all the things you didn’t know about running a business that overwhelms most people. Spoiler alert: It is a lot and not glamorous. 

 Lesson # 3: Hard work takes on a brand new meaning.

There is difference between W2 hard / Passion hard. When you are a W2 employee you work hard, when it’s your passion you work 10x harder. You’ll have a task list longer than you can possibly manage and feel constantly stressed, overworked, and burned out. The good news is that you learn along the way. You figure out how to relieve your stress, become efficient with your time, and burning out = hustling.

 At the end of the day, ”Is it worth it?”

 In short, the answer is yes. Starting a business based on your passions is like having children. You fantasy about the dream life, only to wake up in a world of crying, yelling, and screaming. Worse is all your time, money, and energy is going away with no signs of return. And then you get a note from a client saying how you changed their life or a message from a business owner raving about your service.  It’s those moments that remind why you got started, makes it worth it, and keeps you going.

 For anyone thinking about starting your dream business know these 3 things.

It’ll be more work than you could ever think possible, you’ll probably cry in frustration, and you’ll doubt yourself & beliefs. After you have overcome these challenges you will learn: 

  1. You are capable of more than you think.
  2. Frustration is only 1 of 1,000 + emotions you’ll experience.
  3. You’ll gain confidence and new beliefs that make you believe, I CAN DO THIS!

 The cliché is true. If you are going to follow your dreams and start a business make sure you are passionate about it because passion is all that you will have in the beginning.