Natural Healing

What problem(s) were you facing and how did it make you feel?

For 2 years I could not function at all. I had to just lay still in my bed. No sounds, no light, minimal movements. No energy to read, watch tv- no energy in my body. I was scared and devastated.

What did you discover that started to help?

 I managed to see a holistic doctor who holds a traditional medical degree. He ran some blood tests plus other tests. He explained to me that my body could hardly produce energy on cellular level. I needed lots of specific minerals and vitamins supplements. In addition, he gave me a list of foods with the specific vitamins and minerals in them.

What happened to you after you started these new actions? / How did you feel after these actions?

 I took 32 specific minerals/vitamins pr day for 2 years and followed the recommended food list. Gradually, my body became stronger and it could move more and be a little in upright positions like sitting, standing, walking slowly. It felt FANTASTIC. I've kept changing my diet and my supplements. Today, I eat eco vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. All my supplements are vegan and organic.

What wisdom do you want to share for people with similar problems?

I have experienced that it's possible to heal to a large extent through eating natural live foods. The modern fabricated foods lack nutrition; essential vitamins and minerals which our bodies need to stay healthy and vital.

What is the lesson in your story? We CAN be the CHANGE. We CAN be responsible for CREATING our Health.

Name: Hilde Traaseth