The Truth About Nutrition & Health

What problem(s) were you facing and how did it make you feel? I had a heart attack while doing an early morning cardio workout in December 2009. Symptoms passed in 2-3 hours, Had stents implanted and soon decided learn about better nutrition. Went to a 4-hour session on nutrition for heart attack survivors. The teacher looked unhealthy and she presented mostly information I had heard for the past 40 years. There must be better information out there….

What did you discover that started to help? The first book I read was Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. He lit my fire and I began reading like crazy. I’d been introduced to Weston Price, but now took it seriously. Switched to grassfed meat, dairy and eggs, started drinking raw dairy. Quit 20 years of oatmeal and skim milk for breakfast and switched to bacon and eggs as a heart-healthy breakfast. Also began reading about causes of heart attacks and controversy over taking statin meds to lower LDL. Found the messaging about both conventional nutrition and heart disease to be hugely different when compared to credible independent sources.

What happened to you after you started these new actions? / How did you feel after these actions? Started sharing my “awakening” about the truth about nutrition and heath with others. Produced my first educational session in Reston in April 2011 and have been doing that for the past 5+ years through the Whole Food Nutrition Meetup Group.

What wisdom do you want to share for people with similar problems? Start reading and listening to bloggers and podcasters. Be skeptical of their messages. Evaluate their independence and motivations. Join the Weston A. Price Foundation for a year. It costs only $40 ($25 for students and retirees). Think of it as making a donation to a worthy cause, but enjoy its great quarterly journal. It’s tax deductible.

What is the lesson in your story? Chronic disease is best treated by nutrition, other holistic therapies, and lifestyle choices. Go to conventional medicine for acute interventions, like my next heart attack!.