The 1st Step to Gut Healing Is Having a Plan

Nutritional Guidelines

A healthy gut depends purely on what we put in it. Many times our good to bad bacteria balance is off because we consume more foods that feed and nurture the bad bacteria and not the good. This imbalance causes a multitude of problems including candida overgrowth, acidosis, bowel obstructions, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and indigestion. Avoiding foods that contribute to overgrowth of bad bacteria can do wonders for the digestive system. Eating a diet rich in prebiotic foods, fermented foods, plant fiber, fruit, and of course drinking plenty of water helps to keep this ratio in check. Drinking water helps to keep the digestive tract (and the whole body) hydrated and aids in elimination.

 Another key thing to a healthy gut is avoiding stress! The everyday stress that we encounter in life has a direct reflection upon the foods and diet we choose. Many of us were taught that anytime you are emotional you should treat or pick yourself up with foods such as sweets or junk food. These are our go-to foods for anytime we feel sad, depressed, angry, or confused. This bad habit and living a stressful life can cause us to make bad choices such as consuming alcohol, sweets, processed meats & dairy and for some people. This can cause the reason to be put on medications and anti-depressants.

 Many of us understand that food and stress management is important, however do not know how to implement a strategy to allow our bodies to heal through proper nutrition and lifestyle. Having a plan to heal your gut is about knowing how to consume the right foods, eliminate anything that is causing further damage, and implement a sustainable lifestyle strategy.

 Working with a nutritional expert to develop your specific plan, takes the guess work out of the confusion and conflicting information we gather on our own.

About the author, Jay Vilar is a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner that focuses on nutrition and lifestyle when working with clients in the Washington, DC and Boston, MA Area